If someone comes up with an organic Eco-friendly, cheap, and readily available power source, the general public would rejoice in their discovery to the ends of the Earth, they would be our savior from destroying our habitat for future generations and ensure the survival of our species, a glorious life indeed, but I feel there will be some in society that would not share in the celebrations!

Finding this kind of power source would have instant and dramatic effect on the economies of the world, and those in power, the elite of society would have some deep issues with this discovery. The oil and gas and motor industry which employ millions would suddenly bear the brunt, this is what the elite would have us believe they are most concerned with, but it’s the taxes and billions they make off this industry that would be the main concern for them.

eofriendly solutions on Biz-find

eofriendly solutions on Biz-find

There is such a massive industry built on what I call the ‘B to Y’ services. Someone invents something and many people make a living providing for that system. The Service industry many call it, the related industries that employ so many happy people. The UK for example changed over the last 100 years from large factories employing most of the towns to a country that is a now host to a massive service industry.

The Sutter family story is a great testament to how servicing an industry can often be a lot more profitable than the end result: Suttor senior concentrated on keeping people off his farm in San-Francisco during the 49 Golf rush creating a rod for his own back with legal issues, yet Suttor Junior decided to sell them all shovels and invited them to dig as much as they wanted and then got very rich and popular from his idea.

Give them the end result.

From a marketing perspective and we are marketers, we don’t sell how something is made, the customer cares not, we sell the customers solution to their pain and the future prospect of happiness and wealth

If a child wants their first proper Bicycle then the parents will do what they can to make sure their child gets a complete bike for birthday, Christmas whatever. Junior does not wake up in the morning and find a box full of bicycle parts; pedals, oil, chain, saddle etc. and a spanner and big smiles of his parents, and then they wonder why Junior is now in his room sulking!

We at Biz-find have come up with what we believe is the end result for any business, the Eco-friendly solution which is to give you new customers without any lead generation activities, and it is so revolutionary it’s like trying to get people of petrol and on to more Eco-friendly power sources. They find it hard to trust and believe it at first, and more importantly we have the whole service industry around new customer generation worried about us.

I mean if our Leads system did away with, web design, telemarketing, cold calling, business networks like BNI and the chambers of commerce, email marketing and seminars to teach people how to do all this stuff, and of course social media marketing for business reasons, that would lead to massive unemployment wouldn’t it?

I can see the red dot on my chest as I write….lol

When I was given my first laptop computer 16 years ago as a sales rep I thought; ‘here is the future,’ this will kill off canvassing and door to door knocking, it will mean the end of cold calling, the tiresome crack of dawn morning events, the boozy evening events at the chambers, and all the other labour intensive things we had to do to make appointments back then, and to be fair lead generation hasn’t changed much since then, except for the integration of Social Media marketing but even that has been met with mixed blessings.

Social media is branding. Which needs months of hard work sharing altruistic and entertaining and above all emotional content to be really fruitful for anyone, hence the reason social media marketers are paid very well indeed now.

It took us 7 years to become the No1 social media marketing company in Thailand

Biz-find Social media marketing

Biz-find Social media marketing

We have created a business that has a community of over 5,000 businesses from all commercial categories and these businesses buy B2B stuff every single day to keep their business running and buy B2C products and services to keep themselves happy.

We give away free marketing services after all we are the leading social media marketing company in Thailand and they tell us what they are buying in return, then we give you the information in the form of Sales Leads.

Sounds simple right? No not really, it took us 7 years learning to be an internet marketing company, then we started a free business directory and marketed that and then painstakingly added the Sales Leads system, and now we are educating the community about it. This is very much about me, as far as you are concerned:

Just go to our site find your category of business and see if we have a buyer for you today that’s all you have to do! We call it Sales Rep porn

I apologize to all the lead generation people if this is going to put you out of work but life goes on and finds a way.