What’s more important to any business; Sales or Marketing? depends on what decade you are in….

In the 80’s and 90’s many businesses grew astronomically based on cold calling. I did it for a legit capital equipment company and was successful, yet many were not so honest.

Some boiler rooms have had movies recently made based on the success of cold calling, namely; ‘Wolf of Wall street’ about the neurotic and unscrupulous yet insanely rich people working in the Investments industry who gleaned all their clients from cold calls.

Now however it is a documented fact that decision makers statistically will hardly ever buy anything or give an appointment to a cold caller, you have to at the very least know a company or already have a contract to get to see anyone now.

Twenty years ago, direct selling companies sprung up everywhere, and it was all based on numbers of calls to a ratio of sales, 25/1 was my average. At the peak of the 90’s, I made 16 appointments from 50 cold calls and sold 2 a week =$10,000 from that activity, I never met anyone from marketing, now I believe the average is astonishing low, like 6 hours of cold calls to glean one sale.

Biz-find blogs Cold calling

Biz-find blogs Cold calling

Back in my heyday you hardly needed a marketing team at all, you just hit a business directory from the library or yellow pages and you went straight for the kill, calling incessantly, 50-100 calls a day until someone agreed reluctantly to meet you, and when you got to their homes or offices we were trained to get over all the objections, using subtle body language and N.L.P. tricks like anchoring and mirroring, I can still to this day remember where the eyes look, so I can see if someone is lying.

It was a battle of wits more than selling something people actually wanted before you were let in, and this was how business was done up right until the 2000’s

The Internet has killed off direct selling; almost everyone now will search the internet for reviews before contacting anyone and making any kind of a purchasing decision. Direct selling companies have admitted defeat and are now realizing that you must at least have a optimised web presence and get your marketing team back in because:

The only way to sell anything now is to have something worth buying and to be contacted and not pursue clients.

Salespeople fail for one reason and one reason only: It’s because they chase, seek approval from others, and supplicate to prospects!

Your clients are like Cats, chase and beg them and thy will look at you like something they trod in and they then dictate terms and price!

Biz-find Blogs selling to cats

Biz-find Blogs selling to cats

Ignore them and they are all over you, making your job much easier and relaxing and more-over enjoyable and:

When you are dancing on clouds everyone including clients wants to join you, misery sits alone in the pub hoping to meet a fellow moaner.

But; how do you find new clients if you can’t call them up anymore? Marketing!

In today’s market finding clients should not be the job of sales!

Good marketing will have you selling on the front foot, think of the closing rate of people that called you, versus the closing rate of the ones who put up with you because you beg to see them that much.

An efficient marketing team now will be fully conversant with online marketing as well as the traditional marketing avenues like print advertising events, networking etc.

Clever marketing people understand people and know that every sale is an emotional sale, and they must get to the heart of the people even if you are selling the most mundane things, I would take an educated guess that marketing people are great conversationalists due to the fact that they listen more than they talk, as this is where the most learning is done.

An efficient marketing team does not run blanket emails as this is akin to cold calling. I received an email 5 minutes ago from a Chinese company who sent me an email addressed to the purchasing officer, well that is not me for starters, and one of the last things I need right now is metal pipes, talk about blanket marketing at its worst!

Marketing professionals have subscribers who have twice told them they want information from them through double opt in systems. Our 25,000 subscribers found us through one of 1000+ blogs we have published online in the past 5 years

Biz-find blogs online marketing

Online marketing

This is why we have trained all our clients to write evergreen articles, even if you are in the Fashion industry you can write something useful that is relevant 5+ years from now based on human values.

A forward thinking Marketing team attends seminars all the time to keep learning as it is one of the fastest changing industries there has ever been, and they are open to all ideas and change their website and social media presence consistently to keep up.

Sales teams love good marketing teams as they regularly produce potential clients that they can go smile at and close them and get a deal quickly, because marketing have done a great job of educating their readers about what they stand for, their advanced knowledge of their industry, and why they are a better choice than their competitors, through their content online and offline which develops brand trust and inquiries.

Sales people stroll in to work, pick up their inquiries, and make a very quick call to see what time the customer wants to see them, and then do what they are employed and are good at doing which is; getting deals!

So if you want to get your sales team selling instead of begging, and wasting their time trying to find someone who is interested in them rather than ‘creating the need’, which is an old sales trick straight out of the 1950’s; take when door to door salesmen created the need by finding dirt in your carpets you never knew was there with their super strong Kirby cleaners (yes that was me!)

God knows how human survived in such dirty houses but they did, but after we came along and created the emotional need to; “Not die from bacteria you are sitting on Mrs. Jones”; the need was created even if it was a very exaggerated.

Some sales People still labour under the misapprehension that ‘Creating the need’ still works. In my opinion finding a  new human need is impossible as we have known what we need since the dawn of time, we don;t need a sleazy salesmen inventing a new one for us and Maslow showed it to be true centuries later, this tactic only leaves the customer feeling cheated after you have gone, especially after they have researched online about this so called need, and develops buyer’s remorse which is another 1980’s sales term to check mate the customer not to cancel on you.

A marketing team worth their weight in gold is the one that sets your sales team free to contact hot leads only, and just concentrate on showing the client how to get this thing that they have already bought in the colour they want in their minds before they even get there!

When your sales team go from being cold callers and beggars for appointments to order takers because the marketing team have so many inquiries because they have been trained by Netmedia, watch your fortunes turn around!

Biz-find Competitive advantage

Biz-find Competitive advantage

Netmedia is a UK government registered small business mentor and a fellow of the I.S.M.M. who have consulted for many blue chip companies globally. We help business get seen online and how to develop brand trust resulting in more sales from real people!

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