In 1983 a friend from work called at my house with his wife, he’d never done that before, I was 17 so I was living at home, so they made themselves comfortable in the back room whilst I shooed away my ever curious Mum wondering if I was in trouble at work. What happened in the next hour was just well, weird. I wish I could remember one word of what this crazed idiot was talking about. He was ever so quiet at work yet now he was waving his arms, grinning from ear to ear, his wife was almost falling off the chair with excitement. It was a kind of fervour I have never witness till that day.

He invited me to his house the very next day, a tiny two up two down, I went in and a few other people were there some in suits, I’d never owned a suit then. He had an easel and a marker pen and he began to draw circles on the board. This was my first ever time at an Amway meeting.

mlm cricles

M.L.M Circles

The doctrine that I receive that day became an 33 year battle against myself, with what they taught me which was; how 98% of people are living beyond their means and how Millennials cannot save any money, and being in debt and having a less rewarding life than baby Boomers was something working class people born on 1963 onward must learn to deal with …Unless…

You badgered your family and friends into buying your soap, and struck up very awkward conversations with complete strangers on the streets and asked them, “Do you ever look at ways to earn more money” every single day for at least two years.

Over the next 30 years I attended all sorts of seminars and watched the M.L.M. industry evolve and U.S. Presidents extol their contribution to the economy. More companies came; some stayed, most crashed and burned. I watched Ponzi schemes and the people who got caught up in get rich quick pyramids. Yet the big companies Your; Amway, Avon, and Herbalife still thrived through it all.

Yet I never made a penny from M.L.M. and this bothered me, I considered myself to be an astute person with above average communication skills, I did well at Kirby cleaners in 1987, which was akin to the American way of Direct Sales and then later in my career did stints with Blue chip companies selling office machines. Later on I became, and I still am, a strong force in Social Media Marketing using the internet to grow my own online business.

If everyone is telling me I am a natural salesman, and a long career in Sales and Marketing:

Then why could I not be one of the Millionaires I saw week in and week out at seminars?

They were always telling me all I had to do was work at it, grow thicker skin; people will scoff, deal with it and develop a residual income!

‘Some will, some won’t, so what’ was drilled into my very existence!

M.L.M. installed into me the phrase that haunted me to the core: ‘Residual income,’ which to me is:

An income you had enormous faith in, and you have worked extremely hard for that eventually has the momentum to grow long after you have stopped working and provides you with money for as long as you live!

The time and money paradox that we all strive for is what M.L.M. sells, most people with money have no time, and most people with time have no money. M.L.M. promises if you work very hard and have undying faith (the faith being fed to you from the consistent seminars and successful people sharing their stories) you will receive this kind of residual money.

I met people who achieved this kind of lifestyle through M.L.M. and they were no better than me at all, in fact I thought I had better all-round communication skills then them, and they even told me so.

The reason why was I such a failure at M.L.M. one word!


When I was the European salesman of the month knocking out no less than 15 Kirby cleaners in one month at a whopping 1,000 pound sterling back in ’87, you’ve got to remember that was more than I earned in a year then! I was made to believe at the gullible age of 21, that those fancy vacuum cleaners were worth that kind of money.

You have got to hand it to their training programme at the time that was revolutionary. The trainers included some very clever NLP techniques that I didn’t know I was subjected to till 30 years later!

Silver k Award

Silver k Award

After my momentous sales month an engineer just happened to mentioned to me they make them for around 85 GBP, from that day onwards I could never sell another Kirby vacuum cleaner no matter how I tried!

I have friends still labouring at M.L.M. programs many decades after they started, and I believe they are not as successful as they would like to be because of belief in themselves. My belief was in the products and services that every single M.L.M. company offers!

Biz-find belief

Biz-find belief

I was asked once by a very successful Nuskin Diamond; if I was guaranteed a million U.S.D. a month to travel on the train every day in Bangkok during rush hour with a huge Pink box saying ‘I am proud to be in Nuskin’, would I do it? I immediately replied NO FREAKING WAY. It was then I knew I had a ‘belief in the product’ problem.

For me lotions and potions are a difficult sell, as I have a marketing background; I know that most of everything that is for health is over hyped. I see it every single day and my belief shield for lotions and potions is impenetrable. I just wish people would stop with the;

I know someone who was dying last month, days to live, and now they are running triathlons’ stories, PLEASE!!! If this was true, then I know that being happy can have the most profound effect on the body more than any pill, so prove it wasn’t a change in the way they feel. Stress is one of the biggest killers by far.

Find your happiness and your chances of living longer are probably much better than Multi-vitamins!! I also have seen the most beautiful smiles on people with no make up!

I just wished there was something that:

  • Didn’t involve lotions and potions or any deliverable physical product whatsoever.
  • No harassing your family and friends to try some of your products, just cos they love you!
  • No drawing circles, and creating a contact list and that scary phone call to invite people to your house for a meeting, “I’ll tell you when you get here,” “is it one of those Pyramid thingies?” “Er, uhm, gulp!”
  • No sycophantic hugging and kissing seminars were people try to get a photo with the latest diamond status M.L.M.’r.
  • No starter packs to buy.
  • No stock to hold.
  • Nothing to sell.
  • Nothing to buy.
  • Free to join for everyone.

I had given up on the whole cause, and just to feel happy I’d gotten the experience from the wonderful motivational people I had met over the years.
Then in late 2015 a chap went on stage at TED in Bucharest and explained a concept that truly was music to my ears.

I joined Wowapp in January 2016 and finally after 33 years I can truly say:

I believe! and you can too with the only free messenger app that pays you to chat

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