If you are running any kind of a business and you have a website, you need to understand what page views mean and how it helps your bottom line.

Household named magazines like; Vogue and Men’s Health have carved very successful businesses over decades on the concept of page views.

When a person glances over your advert or your business listing amongst the hundreds of other adverts in the magazine and they see your company name,  and logo that’s an invisible ‘ker-ching for your business. This is an extremely valuable, but very karmic little plus for your business brand name.

Imagine it takes 100 ‘Ker-chings’ (page views) of your business name over a period of time to sink in deeper in that same person’s subconscious mind to help make a decision, then next time when they are in the mall and they have a choice over your product over your competitors, this is when the battle of the ‘Ker-chings’ in their mind, will win you the business.

Trust is the one thing that startups and small business needs. The day when you are attending a business networking event and you mention what you do and they say; ‘hey yes I’ve seen your business before online and read some of your blogs,’ that’s half your job done.

Ask the right questions:

Many startups ask how many clicks that banner will give them. How much ROI will I get off that Billboard? An honest rep will tell them; “You’ll be lucky if you get one click for 1,000 USD! But the branding is priceless”

The industry average is you need 50,000 website visitors who subconsioulsy see your banner advertisment to get one click, so forget about clicks unless you are paying a premium to be on a good half a million visitors or so website and you are on the right targeted page.

Karma and Patience

Kramic branding online with Biz-find

Karmic branding online

Just recently I wrote out another blog post for LinkedIn about investing and my startup in particular, and I have had somewhere in the region of 5,000 views on the 12 or so posts I have written and I got one chap contact me and invest relatively to me, quite a lot of money in my startup, karma indeed. He did tell me he’d been reading my stuff for a long time, but now was the right time for him as he had some spare cash and I was the right person for his money.

You could then say 12 posts x 1000 words each = 12,000 words over two years= twenty cents a word when it came to the Investment, worth it then? 200 USD a blog isn’t bad. But you need balls to continue and believe in yourself and be patient, very patient, because the payback is always at the very end.

The breakdown of value

I remember my Sales Manager years ago trying to break down the value of canvassing when I was a sales rep and told me; for every compliment slip I got, it was worth 5 pounds. We sold franking machines worth 2-5000 pounds, so we collected compliment slips by making cold calls to business in-between appointments, we wrote the buyers/Decision makers names on them, this was in the 90’s when very few business got the hump and they expected reps to call with no appointment all day. We called all our compliment slips, made some appointments, and eventually sold a ratio of them making each compliment slip worth the money.

Business directory Page Views

When it comes to Business directories the same principle applies, the main idea being to get your business some branding and eyeballs online that you do not expect immediate business from, however you know that having your business name and slogan and logo in as many places as you possible can, can only help your business massively with subconscious ‘Ker-chings’ and in reality whatever the cost is, it will be a good return on Investment far exceeding the time input It took to register, and, or, a very small Investment.

How you can also help yourself is; to do the due diligence for your time and Investment and check you are on one of the top Business directories in your country, by checking Google for business directory on the first page. Check with the stats on an independent website like alexa.com or compete.com or similarweb.com to make sure that they have decent traffic.

Biz-find hosting tells us 30,000 people visited our sites monthly in 2016

The best business directories have page clicks so you can see how many people are visiting your page and what countries these page views are coming from, magazines cannot do that!

Then find out how often the business directory will share your page to their social media accounts and if that is of a decent reach to make a difference. Biz-find have over 500,000 followers likes and group members under their management so we can send around 20 real people to visit your listing in less than an hour of going live on a Biz-find site, meaning more eyeballs to see your company name.

In fact Biz-find is managed by the No.1 Social Media Marketing Company in Thailand according to Google which is a good mix. We go to work sharing all our 4,400 directory members across 9 sites in 9 countries at present.

Brand growth on Biz-find

Brand growth on Biz-find

It’s not all us, you must evaluate.

Once you have your business Directory listing published you MUST at all costs manage your expectations of what you get in return. How many businesses today answer new callers with this question?

“May I ask how you found us?”

It’s elementary business skill that so many people are not doing! You, as a business, need to know what marketing is working for you by asking new callers every time!

If you know that your website is sending you visitors then expand on it, If you know Biz-find is sending you traffic let us know! You could also ask your webmaster to see if we are sending people back to your website.

When we asked our 4400 user added Directory members of Biz-find and a good percentage responded and told us they told us around 5% of all page views became direct contacts for them

So for every 100 page views an average was 5 direct contacts, most of our members have received 100 page views within three months of registration!

You need to make sure you get a follow link for the S.E.O. love, and we at Biz-find have follow links.

You need to make sure there are people active every day. Biz-find has around 5 new members joining every day in 2016, up each year since we started in January 2012

You need to be able to contact them quickly and know the owner and the boss, and where the HQ is.

This is the owner and the boss and you can call anytime to see us in Pakse Laos, and if you are in luck you will get a free coffee as well.

Biz-find on linkedin

Biz-find on linked in

So, join Biz-find today for your branding karma and also to take advantage of the 5% average direct contacts that we send for every 100 page views you receive.