I ask this question because you are probably reading thinking you do of course. and I ask again who really owns your website?

As a digital marketing trainer since 2009 I find that complacency regarding online security at many businesses deplorable. So many people think they own their domain name, but they don’t.

Before I discuss this any further, you have to look at the best example of all: Facebook.com

Mr. Zuckerberg bought this domain name as a student when his empire was just beginning for probably $10 max, you have to ask what is it worth now? Do a search on Go Daddy or Namecheap for some really good domain names and you will see some relatively astronomical amounts being asked. Domain names have monetary and more so; branding value, they become more valuable to your business the more content you add and the longer you are in business.

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What is your website and brand worth?

I would imagine, to be sure, Zuckerberg bought out the hosting company, I know I would. I could not imagine him getting to his office on Monday and the cleaner telling him that her Facebook doesn’t work??

OK so how do you know truly if you own your website name?

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients at 0830 AM on the first day of their workshops, most tell me they instructed a web designer to buy the name for them, then I tell them, well he in theory, owns your website then.

“Oh no he doesn’t!” I am told, then I ask them do they know the passwords for the domain host, and they tell me the web designer has them all safe, then I ask:

“What happens if this company goes under or he/she , what if they are a one man band and they get hit by bus?”

When you buy a domain name, you have to sign up to a domain host and they want a series of security questions, address, etc it is quite a rigmarole, then and only then, can you buy a domain name.

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I understand yes,  Sorry… Good bye

If, for example, your site goes down and you try to call your domain host, they take security very seriously indeed, and if you do not know the Paypal transaction number or the credit/debit card number you used to buy said domain name, they bid you goodbye and hang up, period! Where does that leave you, I cant even lend you a paddle at this point!

Your domain name is one of the most important purchases you can ever make as a business, it is virtually the same as the deeds to your own house, with the deeds you have absolute right to your online real estate.

Would you give a colleague a few hundred thousand dollars and tell them to buy a house for you? then you should not trust anyone with your domain name!

You buy the domain name yourself and then you can give access to the website through the hosting, it’s not difficult to do, now you can set up a site in minutes with three clicks through most hosting companies, then give your web designer access to the website only!

Think of it like you bought a house, your deeds are in your safe, the painter and decorator calls then you can give him the keys to the house so he can paint inside, the deeds are not in his pocket.

Not long ago I was called to a company’s office once there they asked me to try to get their domain back as they website now redirected to someone else’s website, and they are losing thousands of dollars in lost business.

They also lost their email addresses as that comes with the domain name

They told me their web designer was great a reasonable guy, but sadly he passed away and his wife had no interest whatsoever in running the business, so he could not keep up with annual payments from Heaven, so it expired, nothing I could do for them, but enjoy a good story and a coffee, here’s the thing:

There are a lot of sharks out there waiting for people to forget to pay for their domains, and they snap up your domain instantly through software programs on the look out for good domain to buy if they ever expire, yours will be bought if you don’t pay. What the new owner wants for it will make you balk, but nothing will be achieved by yelling and screaming at them, threatening courts and litigation will do nothing, you didn’t pay, and the shark did, end of story!

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Do not lose your website stupid!

A Netmedia workshop is not just about learning to buy a great domain, building a website, writing great content that will build your business brand so people see you as an expert and someone to go to, and how to expand your social media marketing reach, there is a lot we cover on online safety as well.

Knowledge is power!

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