Netmedia-Asia Office

Netmedia-Asia Office

Netmedia in the Making

For those who are interested, my career is quite a meander through jobs, yet always gravitated back to Sales and marketing. After returning to UK in 83 I was told by the council education department that my grades from South Africa were good enough for University, My Dad, being the working class comrade he is, and the fact my folks or anyone else in my family had never been to University, told the careers officer:

“Naah he just wants a job’ and being the ever so street wise kid agreed, and I started work in a Butchers shop and after 4 years there, I realised, even as Manager of a shop it was awful money.

Next thing I was working for Kirby cleaners, banging on doors and selling metal vacuum cleaners from the US, The sales training there was revolutionary and so much I still use today.

I was the European salesman in my second month, owned two cars a Triumph Spitfire (yeah what a poser, and a Morris Marina) there and got the taste for sales.

Silver k receiver from Kirby 1987

Silver k receiver from Kirby 1987


1990 found me in Northern Ireland in Armagh in 5 high bunk beds in a tiny room for six months, and then back to base in Germany, I was also lucky enough to shoot some tanks in a Challenger in Suffield Alberta Canada. I also got a truck license from Leconfield. So happy in my time there, however I didn’t fancy a married life in the Army.


Between 1992-97 I was in a dream state delivering parcels as a courier all over Liverpool. The job was so easy and relaxing you could switch off the exhausting grey matter, and in 5 years of my life I only remember getting married in that time and having two daughters in Arrowe Park Hospital, my career was just selling time.

When money as a courier was just not enough, the Salesman in me said time to engage the brain, and I approach the management about being a Sales rep for the company, one year later I swapped the van and overalls for a company car and suit.

1998 I progressed to being a franking machine Salesman in Salford quays, Nicer car , nicer suit, nicer offices. in 2000 I was proud to be ‘Head Hunted to work for the UK leader in Mail room automation and  sold automations to public and private sector, driving around in a Passat Estate for 3 years, then after a divorce I sold two houses, split the money with the wife and went to Thailand on a holiday, and that is where so many stories begin.

I lived a life of Reilly for 4 years of the money I made from real estate and was, travelling all over Asia and watching my daughters grow up in UK as well.

In 2007 I went to the ATM and realised I needed to get back to work. So I learned online marketing and web design myself, and utilised what I knew through experience and added it to new media, and Netmedia Thailand was born, as a social media marketing company.

2009 met up with Josiah and started Contact Bangkok and with his ‘Thomas the Tank engine Money (He was gifted his money from his grandfather who wrote the famous train stories for children) and we started an online directory. It grew quite big and at some point we had half a million visitors and we got on mainstream television. Sold the shares in 2011

In 2012 I went to UK for 2 years and started Netmedia-UK as a Ltd company, and trained business how to utilise Digital Marketing to brand their business. we had virtual Offices in Birkenhead and an Accountant. It was also in 2012 when was born.

The Directory was borne out of the need to find residual income within my career. One pivotal piece of advice I received from all my good friends in Multi Level Marketing was don’t sell time, because time is exhaustible, build something that looks after you long after you have stopped working.

Initially Biz-find was going to be about selling the banners and upgrades, however somewhere in 2013 I realised that the internet is 90% people selling and marketing their business to find customers. I wondered how to make our site all about finding buyers for what people sell,so they could just go to our site and find a client and cut out all that lead generation stuff like telemarketing, cold calls, social media marketing, email marketing, salesmen, company cars, etc etc.  To answer the pain point of all that work to find a new client. when we could just give them what they want.

My analogy is like an IKEA desk:

If you opened up a shop right next to IKEA with all the furniture they sell, but ready assembled, I think you would have a hell of a profitable business.

So we added the customisations to Biz-find Thailand to start in 2014 after arriving back in Bangkok, and we set about finding freelance Customer Representatives to call our database to help them with their listing on our business directories,of which we have 9 now.

They called our members and helped them to make sure we represent their company effectively and even offer some free marketing over and above the free marketing they already receive and in return find out the things they are buying and it is this information we sell to customers inside our directory and outside.

The idea has always been solid, nobody does sales leads like we do, you can look, but you will not find one!

The biggest challenge we face is finding staff to call our database, even though it is a non selling role, people still feel that calling cold is such a hard business, even though we are calling people who effectively added themselves to our sites autonomously.

Freelancers were very come and go, and hard to manage.

So we needed a bricks and mortar office where I can manage people under my wing every day.

So April 2016 we moved to my Wife’s home country of Laos , rented a house for six months upfront, sorted out the Internet for 6 months, bought office furniture, and started recruiting. the rest as we say…..