They say that only 2% of Network marketers ever make a lot of money, the same can be said of traditional bricks and mortar business, it all stems back to how innovative, creative and how determined you are.

I wish the people in multi-Level marketing would be more honest with themselves and stop avoiding the numbers. So many of them psychosymatically avoid the work that must be done and circumnavigate and try to find easier, less direct, meandering ways to find new people as they are sick of being avoided.

It is Direct Marketing; it’s called that for a reason. The MLM market has been churning out thousands and thousands of failures and many Millionaires since the late 1950’s but each one of those that made it did what it took!

Biz-find Network marketing

Biz-find Network marketing

I believe you can make a residual fortune that a small country would be jealous of in M.L.M., if you did what it took. As in:

Speak to a minimum of 10 people every day you know who are seriously looking for a better way of life, (How you find serious people is a learning curve in itself) and invite them to a meeting.

Show the business plan to at least three people each day.

Do this activity without fail every day for 24 months!

Hell some people would go to jail for twenty years if they were offered say $100k per year, but they don’t want to work hard for two years on a system that is near mathematically impossible to disprove and be financially free forever!

Cause and effect:

By doing this level of work for that amount of time, you will probably look ten years older than you are, you will probably have developed some health problems too, but would you care with the millions you have in the bank, your family wanting for nothing, and the all expensive holidays the company throws at you every year, and the fact that you will never have to work again a day in your life?

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

To do well in any business you have to become blinkered, ignore what friends and family are telling you as they will be concerned for your health and wealth whilst you get there, but they are not on your path, and they want different things than you do!

Beneath every success story is a die-hard lunatic who ignored everyone and did what they needed to do, was laughed at a lot and often ridiculed, but that never ever swayed them.

In standard business; many still believe that if they open a shop and sit and wait for customers to come to them, sure it’s more comfortable, no one is avoiding you or scoffing at you, but are you overrun with customers? Probably not, that’s why you are reading this blog looking for new ideas.

If you have a website you believe you have done your bit for your online marketing as is, customers will know find you on search engines contact you and buy from you and Bob’s your uncle, the best 30,000 THB you ever spent!

I am sorry whilst I just fall off my desk chair for laughing!! I have written over 1,000 blogs like this and have so far to go, I’ve come along way, but I only look back where I’ve been once a week or so the rest of the time I am living for today with an eye on tomorrow.

Internet marketing is another aspect of business and work ethic where the 2% average is no different:

Biz-find social media

Biz-find social media

On my online marketing courses I have found that my story of the attractive shop assistant worked well in explaining how content marketing really works:

Mary has a bricks and mortar ladies shoe shop, high rent but good foot fall, she has it well stocked, beautiful window display, and also has a website. Mary was like most sat there day after day watching most people peer in and then move along, until she met Alice.

Alice got the job as shop assistant yet never spent a moment in that shop and was the best employee Mary ever had.
See; Alice was a very well dressed, fashionable gregarious girl who strolled around the shopping mall and struck up simple conversations with other ladies, she asked where they bought their dress, blouse, skirt, whatever, and then offers some good advice on the types of shoes that go well with the clothes they bought, where to go and what is a good bargain etc.

A good percentage asked here where to get these shoes, and she then escorted them to Mary’s shop and then left them there with Mary to make their own decisions.

Alice is a metaphorical blog, a site full of altruistic content marketing weblogs and articles with links to other great sites and is a source of information and a non-direct route to the actual shop to what you are selling.

Like MLM the work ethic is very clear about what you have to do to make your website work for you and sell stuff, but in my experience of teaching over 200 businesses, from manufacturing to direct online shops in UK and in South Est Asia; only 2% will ever do what it takes.

Biz-find work ethic

Biz-find work ethic


So the truth is out there; the 2% have all the money whilst the rest enviously look on and find ways to tell themselves it’s not their fault, it’s where they live, the lack of money, opportunity etc. etc.

I speak as I find, and I can tell you the businesses that I have taught who are diligently sharing their stories and knowledge regularly on their blogs and social media are doing very well indeed. The rest well; they got some knowledge from my course; they won’t be stung by social media people at least!

Secret tip for the lazy:

If you are staring at your laptop and your direct messages to try sell your stuff on social media is not working, try Biz-find leads we have over 4,000 business members who tell us what they are buying every day, maybe just maybe we have a client waiting for you right now.