Entrepreneurs tell us; success lies outside your comfort zone. Those of you who read my blogs know that I just love to question everything; this is where your greatest learning comes from.

Can you be successful in your comfort zone?

There is a conflict here between what we are taught. Can we reach our goals in life and still enjoy each day, or must we do more and more and sacrifice daily happiness to get to where we want quicker?

I reckon the vast majority of us will find a way to get what we want with no compromises. Happiness has no price tag.

Those of us on our entrepreneurial path are spoon-fed  the idea of enjoying as much of each day you can, don’t forget to be happy and grateful on the journey, as the journey, when you think you have got there, will only be beginning.

To me there are three paths:

Biz-find Path of least resistance

Biz-find Path of least resistance

The hard and fast way, where you get to the end goal quickly probably very scarred, even maimed, but the prize is there.

The middle path, the way with the most learning, the result is the same as the first path, although your beard will be longer,  you will be less scarred and wiser when you finally get there.

Then the third path, which is the way for most to get a mediocre existence, for little work, whatever way people choose; as long as they are happy, it’s not the wrong path for them.

Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die.

Imagine, you live in a sparse jungle and that the only thing that stands between you and an abundant oasis of fruit, vegetables, and wildlife that you could live off for years is a 200 foot sheer mountain cliff face with a stream at the bottom you cannot quite see how deep it is.

The price/risk for the jump is just too much, so you sit and try to reason with yourself how to get what you want without the real risk of injury and death.

The options soon present themselves and they will be in time terms very expensive. You think:

“Damn if I jumped and survived I’d be there in less than 5 minutes, building a hang glider and the testing and testing will take months, learning how to mountain climb and making ropes and the variables when getting stuck, the preparation will also take months, walking around will take months and the possibility of getting lost in the jungle is a price to pay also. But at least I won’t die!” A lot to consider!

You also consider whether this whole idea is worth abandoning altogether and forgetting about the oasis and just living of the berries and bugs that you have for so long ‘managed on’

Knowledge; the reason we upset the Gods for, can be a curse. Most highly intelligent people often struggle with the basics of human interaction (Some call it Autism, I see it as far smarter than I) that the rest of us may take for granted, and whenever I chatted to these people, they told me that if reincarnation is possible, then in the next life; they want to be of a standard IQ and be blissfully happy in ignorance.

In Multi-Level marketing; a business I first became familiar with in the early 1980’s there is an internal struggle that can actually lead to anxiety and in some cases mental illness.

There is, in most ethical M.L.M. companies; a structure and a path that is scientifically proven to make you very wealthy, but there is a price to pay for  this quick success, the price is:

2-5 years of your life whilst you are all  consumed with your business 24/7 day in day out, to think of little else till you get to a level of critical mass and your business grows with or without any further input. In that time you could actually die, and sadly people will talk about you at your funeral.

“He was such a nice chap until he started that M.L.M. stuff, then he never called, never went out and every damn word out of him was like a Napoleon Hill book”

Biz-find work life balance

Biz-find work life balance

If you survive your M.L.M. crusade there is no doubt of the wealth and abundance you receive for a lifetime.Compare that to what I have been told by some; that they would happily sit out ten years in Jail for a Million dollars!

Many successful M.L.M.’s take it at their own pace, sure it takes a damn site longer, but at least you still get to talk to your family and now and again, and enjoy a beer and keep in touch with reality, that common sense that goes to the pub every day and live off the same money every month till they die. Hey; again don’t mock the happy fool, they have what you want; happiness, maybe you are a fool to them, live and let live.

Point is we all know what the price we have to pay for faster success, and for many, we cannot achieve the fast track without losing parts of our old life that we enjoy, and keep to the faith of enjoying each day whilst it lasts and being grateful for our daily sunshine.

So a balance must always be the way for your life, just don’t be goaded into finding your wealth in a way that is too expensive for you, and you actually waste a lot of your valuable time and it is here where many gave up and sadly became an embittered bore trying to tell wannabes it does not work.

If taking the middle track is the comfort zone then; so be it.

Biz-find freedom

Biz-find freedom

To get to where I am so far took 8 years and I can truly say I have tried to see the beauty in each day on my journey, sure I could have done it in six months, with hindsight, but where’s the fun and learning in that? I’ve probably another 3 to go to get to where my first major milestone is; and that’s selling our business directory cum Lead generation business in 2020 for 100 million USD. Who knows what’s over the rainbow, that’s what makes life so great.

Don’t ever beat yourself up about how long it has taken, look back now and again to see how far you have come and the wiser person you are for it, and do not covet any other persons fast success, you have learned more than them, and within that reasoning is a more stable wealth when it does arrive.

See you on the other side.

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