We all know by now that we have to blog and share consistently, it’s the new natural S.E.O. for our business and it is essential to build the brand, but do people read blogs at the weekend?

Yes absolutely, Sunday 10:10 am and I am at the P.C. Not that I am a workaholic or anything crazy like that, it’s just that I know to keep our business name at the forefront of people’s minds I have to work a bit harder and go the extra mile more than my competitors.

Best to make your blogs a little easier going at the weekends. Remembering always the karmic value of sharing good altruistic content, and if you want to add a link; the last 1% about you.

Weekend blogger

Weekend blogger

Try to make your weekend blogs lean more towards your family life or hobbies, just have a slower feeling than the mad pace of the work week. If your Target market is business owners and decision makers, well they often only get time at weekends to catch up and a well-timed weekend blog could be a lot more effective reaching the horse’s mouth than the organ grinders who are told to scour social media during the week.

Those of us with successful brands who keep getting sales leads all the time, are not leaving anything to chance. There are strategies and tips that can guide you on when to post to your blog, how to best engage your audience and get them clicking the social media sharing buttons as they want their friends to see and feel what you are saying.

Weekend is The King

If you run a blog featuring professional content, it seems like a no-brainer to publish your content during business hours, on weekdays. Yet research done by The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs who researched over 4,500 blogs showed that blogs that chose to publish content on the weekend received the most shares on various social media channels. In fact, even though only 13% of blogs were published on the weekend, they saw 18% of the total social shares gathered in the study.

Eugen Oprea, Conversion Optimization Fanatic, Email Marketing Passionate, Analytics Geek on Quora tells us:

“For sites that are more geared towards consumers and hobby related will get a fair amount of traffic over the weekend as people have more free time to read.

If your site is related to one of the topics below might get some good traffic over the weekend:

  • photography
  • food
  • self-improvement
  • books
  • interior design
  • DIY

Business related will lose traffic at weekend if you don’t want this to happen, you can send out newsletters and improve you social media sharing strategy during the weekend.”

Your weekend should be about reflection. I find writing in a journal with an old fashioned pen and paper very therapeutic and helps me ground myself and re-establish why I am doing what I do and what the end result will be to re-energise my passion, as without passion you will not have any chance of success. Passion is your best friend when it all seems to go wrong.

Chaos Theory

What concerns me in this media frenzy is the fact that the online media companies need to pigeon hole you to know about you to sell to companies who want to sell to you, when there are so many things most of us have not tried, which we don’t know about right now but very potentially could blow your mind.

I grew up in a very working class family, well loved, but my folks had little time for foreign food, I was 21 before I tried an Indian Curry and I was amazed at how much I had missed out on when it comes to food, my folks still don’t regard Pizza as food or spaghetti unless it comes in a tin.

I believe many great poetic works, operas, and music are all the result of trying new areas and listening to new sounds stimulating the brain.

Seek new ideas, without which life would be most humdrum indeed.

Sometimes what your business needs is to move a tiny angle left or right and you could see massive success overnight, so don’t always  stay in the sphere where the big media would keep you, the answer you seek can come from a completely different place than where you are now.

explore creativity with Netmedia

Creative stimulation.

So for that reason try to step out at weekends and read different things that you are being ‘told’ to read and always be innovating. Life is consistently changing and evolving, survival depends on new things stimulating your imagination.

As a blogger you will probably reach out to a new market if you tried to write more about different things. Remember always you don’t have to always be talking about what you do.

Don’t be the M.L.M. friend!

We all have that one M.L.M. friend who you love, but is always trying to hold themselves back, or their partners are always reigning them in, talking about their business at social occasions, don’t be the M.L.M. guy. The most successful people keep an intrigue about their business and just be themselves and when the occasion arises and people ask what they do, they say just enough, and if they are interested they ask more and often they will join the team.

You could have a series of hundreds of blogs on your site that are about the ‘fun side’ of your business that never once actually say what you do, yet what you will find is people visit your ‘about you’ page and they can see clearly what you sell and guess what, if they contact you, it will be hard not to sell to them or get them involved in whatever you do.

Alan Johnston is a digital media consultant and he provides sales leads for business via the Biz-find sites.