Everyone by now should be taking an active role in their future and unless you have been asleep under a rock for the last decade it is becoming quite clear to even the simplest of folk that your government should not be relied on to help you make the most of your later years or for that matter to manage your wealth.

The UK government for example; one of the exemplars of a welfare system in the last century has seen massive problems with their pension pot for their people.

It’s a glaring fact that when the UK state pension was introduced back in 1908 the average life expectancy for a male was around 50 whereas now it’s 68, so taking into consideration how much the state pension was mathematically in favour of the treasury when it all started, now they are struggling with the number of baby boomers who are living well into their 90’s and the UK chancellors keep having to raise the age when UK pensioners can start to get their money to cope. Many UK people are finding much better ways to mange their pension pot than the government!

Biz-find UK pensions

Biz-find UK pensions

You should by now be investing in your self and learning the basics of Investing; here are 5 pillars of financial learning we consider vital:


How old you are now and how much earning time you have left.

It’s a well know fact that money invested in a portfolio as opposed to a bank or building society always earns a lot more over the long term, long term meaning 20-50 years, so if you are 70 years young now and you need to make some cash over the next 5-10 then you will need to look at things a lot differently to a 20 year old just starting their career.

Biz-find Inveting basics

Biz-find Investing basics


The most important rule adhered to by all good money mangers, meaning that you should have money in many different things all with your due diligence, from safe bonds and cash, gold etc. to the other extreme; high risk investments with quicker returns.


How much are you going to spend to invest in your education about your own money or do you pay people to invest for you, nothing good is free in the capital markets and you will pay for good advice and placements. Remembering that good fiscal knowledge means you know that what is considered small costs, multiplied over a lifetime of investing, will have a big impact on an investor’s results.


Risk factor temperament

Risk factor temperament

It is vital in the basics of investing you keep your cool when all those about you are losing their heads. Your are an Investor not a speculator and therein is a massive difference.

Savvy investors who make money buy stock in solid businesses. They are rewarded over time through share price appreciation, dividends, or share repurchases.

People who make great returns never try to time the market, they don’t watch Bloomberg every day with their finger on the sell button, and worry about how this week their share prices have dropped and how the week before they shot up. The wealthy focus on the value of the businesses they have invested in, they buy with an intention to hold although they will sell if they see through due diligence when something is not right.

Risk factor:

Risk can be mitigated through knowledge and learning, it’s a risk to do anything in life, but when we are sure our parachute is packed correctly and we have had ample training and we have gone over and over the safety precautions,  only then we can skydive and have a thrilling ride. Or not, you can stay at home and wonder what it is like from the boredom and safety of your couch.

Skydivers risk

Skydivers risk

Risk is often misunderstood, in the best selling book: ‘Freakanomics’, it was discussed how when they gave a group of parents this scenario:

‘Your 12 year old son has two friends both are your neighbours, you know that one friend stays in a house where they have a gun, and the other kid’s house has a swimming pool, where would you rather your kids play?’

The vast majority answered; that they would feel much safer with their child playing at the friends home who has a swimming pool, yet statistics tell us that the figures for kids dying whilst swimming, are vastly higher than the juvenile deaths that occur where people have a firearm.

Traditional v New investing

Traditional investing meant handing your cash over to an Investment company, via a sales person, then these companies simply pooled all the money together and bought you a slice of a larger portfolio, and many managers are involved and the costs are high especially in the first 5 years all your profit is at the end of the investment for as many years as you can keep it, remembering the law of exponation. You never really get to meet the people managing your money, you are just a number to them.

Now however; you can get your hands on a startup business and seed invest in some very good looking baby companies who will grow up to be superstars, like Biz-find currently at 100 G.B.P. a share.

You can also invest in some highly sought after business with great returns through capital investment companies like Falcon, who do an exhaustive amount of due diligence for their clients getting to know the investment companies and their investors personally, and who regularly furnish their clients with fast turnaround business. Like :

Tencent Holdings:

Plans $600 Million IPO – A China-based music streaming service backed by Tencent Holdings plans a $600 Million IPO on the NASDAQ, led by Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley. Music-tech is the world’s hottest market and only starting to get warmed up. Over the next 2-5 years, you will see IPOs, big-time industry consolidation and acquisitions with massive valuations. All good news for


Tunego Investment on Biz-find

Tunego Investment on Biz-find

Universal Music Group Massive Streaming Growth – UMG, the world’s biggest record company, reported a 60 percent surge in subscription and streaming revenue for Q1 2016. The explosive streaming growth more than offsets the 32% decline in download revenues. Great news for TuneGO, who supplies the streaming platforms with content from independent artists and bands.

Spotify Growing More Quickly Since Apple Music Launch – Spotify says it has close to 100 million users in 59 markets and is growing at a faster pace since the launch of Apple Music. Great news for TuneGO as the overall streaming market continues to grow. Increased consumer adoption continues to increase the overall market size and will positively impact TuneGO’s bottom line. It’s great to be in the world’s hottest market segment during the initial stages of hyper-growth -….Timing is everything!

For more information and a chat with one of the top guys at Falcon, contact: john@falcon-capital.com