How do you find leads for your business? The long and laborious way, or the direct and quick way?

Here’s a story of two business owners who are led by lead generation companies with two dramatically different results.

Jack and Fred both have separate small businesses they both sell the same thing, they both want to sell their new mouse traps.


Jack starts by looking online; he searches new business generation and can see so many companies who sell lead generation in the Search Engine Result Pages (ahaa, that’s whats S.E.R.P.S. stands for )

First he clicks on a site that offers leads Via thousands of emails and names of business owners in fact the site claims: ‘5000 Targeted people for $500!’

‘Well you got to have names’ he thinks to himself ‘that’s how every business starts isn’t it.’

So his first business investment is 500 U.S.D. on a list, the list is sent to him via email on excel.

Jack then thinks he has to start calling these people; he sets about it in a very tenacious way, asking to speak to the name of the business owner on the list, but more times than not he is brushed off by a very experienced gate keeper whose job it seems is to protect the boss from unsolicited calls.

Biz-find blogs Cold calling

Biz-find blogs Cold calling

After 2 weeks and speaking to so few people and making just a few appointments, he realises that perhaps he had best leave the telemarketing to the experts.


He searches ‘Lead generation again’ and finds a telemarketing company, who, with his list, will call and make appointments for him, ‘fantastic’ he thinks, he can get on with doing what he really wanted to in the first place,  and that’s showing everyone his new mouse trap.

He gets the full invoice the next day …WHAT??

$30 + tax an hour for calls!!??

Biz-find telemarketing tips

Biz-find telemarketing : Aren’t they good looking!

‘My mouse traps are like $3 each how many do they think I can sell in an hour to justify the cost???’

He gives up on telemarketing!

Social media impersonators

Back online again, and Jack searches for ‘Lead generation’  and on the second page he finds a lead generation company who use social media to find him appointments.

Eventually a chap came to visit him to explain; he will masquerade as Jack using his LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and make appointments for him.

LinkedIn Impersonators

LinkedIn Impersonators

Whilst this initially sounded like a good idea, he thought a lot more, and worried whether the people that they contact on LinkedIn for him, who know him, would actually know it wasn’t him, and try to tell him his account has been hacked and inform the sites owners and have him banned, and he worries; what if they steal my information?

He gives up on social media masquerading as he knows that in essence; social media is about the person behind the business, and how you relate to people that makes social media successful.

Open sesame:

A last search for lead generation takes him to Alibaba where they tell him to get a page on their site.

For a fee, they will market his business online and make sure that when people are looking for mousetraps in his area, his business is the first to be seen, kind of like a me too- search engine, where it’s an auction to be the top, it’s quite a lot of money and in the end hardly justifies the return on investment and he thinks:

‘None of this is lead generation, to me a lead is; I get sent the name of a buyer in the area where I operate business,  a decision maker with the money to buy now, and wants to buy mousetraps, and all I have to do is be my charming self and demonstrate my product effectively and fill out an order form.

Learn yourself.

So, totally disillusioned with the internet, and with finding a decent way to find leads online, when a friend recommends he learns more with a digital marketing trainer.

He meets up with Netmedia Thailand, South East Asia’s leading Online marketing trainers who tell him that:

Lead generation, through content marketing is the way business build up their brand in today’s marketplace, however, it will take anywhere between 3-12 months of regular content marketing on everything Jack knows about rodent control and the building of massive social media following and learning about pay per click advertising and email marketing before people trust him enough to start asking for appointments.

Netmedia online marketing training

Netmedia online marketing training

Jack appreciates the advice however he does not have 6 months to wait.

Jack was last seen setting up a table outside the local abandoned cat centre and selling mouse traps, hey he’s not rich but at least he has learned a lot about lead generation on the internet, and he is keeping a roof over his head.

Fred’s account:

Fred, on the other hand, on the other side of town, has an unusual sort of business call:

Fred’s PA says she has a call on the line, who says they have a mousetrap customer, and he needs to take this call; the conversation went like this:

“Hello Fred, Fred the owner of Acme Mousetraps? This is Nook from Biz-find; may I ask; do you sell mousetraps in the Phuket area?”

“Erm, yes we do, how can I help you?” Fred  replies curiously.

“I have a customer who wants 50 mousetraps for their factory urgently” Nook tells Fred.

Long pause……

“Er…er, Thanks, ok, who?” asks Fred.

“OK if you want the details please go to, there at the top you’ll find a tab called leads, click that.”

Fred scrambles on his computer and opens the site and clicks the tab.

“OK, OK I see a load of business categories with loads of leads” he asks anxiously.

“Yes you are in the right page; scroll down till you see ‘Pest Control.” Nook explains.

“Ah yes I see two leads here in the pest control category. One for Phuket, and the other in Surathani.” he reads the descriptions of what the people are looking for, and tells nook:

“We can easily do the one in Surathani too Nook.” he tells her hopefully.

“No problem they are both yours, all we ask for is 2,000THB.

Upon receipt of payment, we change your free subscription to sellers membership, and when you refresh the page then; the buyers number and name will be visible to you, and for the next 30 days if we get any more ‘mouse trap leads’ they are yours too, no extra charge, all you have to do is call and make the appointment” Nook is happy to tell him.

“How do you get these leads Nook?” Fred asks rather impressed.

“Netmedia Asia have since 2009, been a social media marketing training company, then we started a business directory and used our social media reach to market the listed members for free.

In return for all the free marketing, our members tell us every day, the things they want to buy (domestically and for their business).

With these leads we call companies like yours, and tell them we have a buyer from within our site” Nook explains.

“Such a simple idea, and proper leads, I like it!” Fred exclaims.

“Alas it took the owner 7 years of hard work with hardly any recompense, yet we are glad it’s now easy for you” Laughed Nook.

Fred subscribed and called the customers and made the appointments, Fred sold to both.

 biz-find lead generation services

Biz-find lead generation services

Poor old Jack spent weeks trying to find ways to find new customers online, and Fred, you may say was lucky, he got leads that landed on his lap via Biz-find, but we think Fred was open minded and willing to listen.

Which of the two salesmen do you relate to?

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