‘Fortune shines on the brave’ is an adage that describes how people are brave and rise up many times to defeat the odds, but I think the brave entrepreneurs are also those who rely on gut instinct to see opportunities in their infancy and see what ‘could become’, where most know there is potential but are too scared to go with it through fear of failure.

Here are some of my favourite ‘ones that got away’

E.T. Phone Mars Candy…

Remember how E.T. used M&M’s to create a virtual model of the planets to show Elliot where he lived. Mars Candy didn’t grasp why it should be featured in E.T when it was first offered to them.

Music, but not to my ears!

In the late 70’s Kane Kramer created a neat little device that would now be known as an MP3 player.
His sketches from 1979 show a credit card-sized player with a rectangular screen and a central menu button very much like the ones today. Fast forward to 1986, the IXI could keep 5 minutes of music and was nothing like anyone had seen before. Sadly due to trouble with partners and then not be able to raise the money for patents; Kramer had to watch his invention become the IPod which as we know revolutionized music on a global scale.


What if Hogwarts never existed?

Bloomsbury are famous for accepting and publishing the record breaking Harry Potter novels, but did you know the Philosophers stone was rejected by their first pitch in less than a day? And then from a further 12 publishers before Bloomsbury changed their fortunes with the household name a year later.

Mr. Harrison how did you find America? “Turn right after Greenland”

Early 1962, The Beatles were turned down by Decca Records because they were considered to be Shadows wannabes. They laughed that off and signed with Parlophone and became the world’s most famous band.

Flew right over my head

In the early 70’s software genius Gary Kildall invented the first operating system for PCs but missed out on supplying IBM because he went flying instead of meeting company bosses. Bill Gates later sold IBM the MS-DOS system.

Don’t lose it at the end.

Yahoo almost took over Facebook back in 2006, a move that might have changed its corporate fortunes forever. Mark Zuckerberg and Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel shook hands for it for a $1 billion buyout. But Yahoo dillied and dallied, tried to negotiate further, and Zuckerberg got cold feet and left Yahoo where it is today sadly; a bit stuck in nowhere land with a lousy email service they are desperate to monetize.

Don’t be a Chicken…

Biz-find Entrepreneurship

Biz-find Entrepreneurship

Harland David Sanders endured some of the harshest early failures of all. Despite having what we now know is an undeniably popular chicken recipe today; no one wanted it at when he started.
In fact, Sanders amassed over 1,000 rejections before finally finding a restaurant that was willing to sell his recipe. Early on, KFC says, Colonel Sanders literally carried the secret spice mixture with him in his car in search of business partners.

The cat in the hat…

Dr. Seuss got rejected too. Once publisher told him:

Too different from other juveniles on the market to warrant its selling.”

Unfeeling Holocaust victim…

Biz-find Entrepreneurship

Biz-find Entrepreneurship

I wonder what Anne Frank thinks of this rejection letter from a publisher now she is part of the English curriculum at all good schools worldwide:

“The girl doesn’t, it seems to me, have a special perception or feeling which would lift that book above the ‘curiosity’ level.”

There are literally thousands of rejections before people made it, seem successful people have just failed more than unsuccessful people.

The takeaway is; expect rejection, and lots of it, the tougher your skin the better for you because Entrepreneurship has rejection running through its veins (we call it learning!) and do not dismiss any opportunity without giving it your full attention first.

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